iActuary - About us

iActuary has grown to be one of the most respected names in actuarial recruitment in South Africa. The company was founded to meet the ever increasing demand for a professional, specialised and knowledgeable company able to assist actuaries in finding a role that will satisfy their career aspirations. The actuarial jobs we fill range from entry level roles, up to board level positions. We cover all divisions within the actuarial profession and can therefore offer a wide range of career opportunities. It is our goal to provide every actuarial candidate we represent with the opportunity to broaden and enhance his or her personal career, and every client, with the best candidate for each position.

Being at the forefront of actuarial career opportunities and actuary job trends here in South Africa we specialise in actuarial recruitment in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. Connecting actuaries with senior hiring managers is what we aim to achieve. If you're an actuarial student looking for a new job or a senior actuary keen to hear which companies are hiring at your level, we are delighted to discuss your options.

In evaluating your actuarial career to date, we will then look at the actuarial job market here in South Africa, specifically focussing on positions comparable with your area of actuarial expertise. As a candidate's career growth and advancement is our primary objective, we often suggest exploring opportunities within your current organisation even before looking at outside opportunities. If external opportunities prove to be one's best option, our market knowledge allows us to advise on which companies and actuaries are hiring, how to go about getting a role that will satisfy your career aspirations, as well as insight into the salary you should be earning. Over the past few years we have assisted actuarial students and qualified actuaries in identifying and securing the most desirable opportunities.

Our clients hire actuaries. We deal directly with the hiring managers who are open to students or qualified actuaries that are interested in working at their business. Some of our clients are small boutiques type companies and others are major corporations. They respect the talent we bring them and are happy to allow iActuary to set up discreet meetings after hours. These discreet meetings are perfect for discussing your actuarial career to date, what you'd like to be doing as well as gaining a better understanding of the path to success with that particular actuarial employer. Our individualised approach to each assignment ensures that we maintain sensitivity and confidentiality while meeting the objectives of our candidates and clients. Furthermore, our in-depth knowledge of the industry allows us to be in the forefront of actuarial opportunities and trends.

If you're open to discussing your next actuarial career move, please go directly to the contacts page and get in touch and we will try our utmost to assist you in achieving your goals.

Vision & Values

Through personal customer service, we dedicate ourselves to being a respected and reliable source of top calibre actuarial staff and opportunities that enable career and personal growth.


Code of Ethics

iActuary has a strong commitment to the way we handle and deal in our business relationships


Actuary Applicants will be contacted by an Actuary Agent