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At iActuary we take a different approach to our clients' recruitment needs. As a specialist firm our industry specific knowledge and time-tested tools facilitate discreet meetings with the best candidates the actuarial market has to offer. By understanding the intricacies of your business and the inherent challenges faced in hiring staff that will add value to your business over a period of time, we bring together competent candidates with time-strapped employers.

This solution strives to deliver optimal executive placement results.

By being astute with the "ins and outs" of the actuarial market and in direct contact with key players within the industry, iActuary is perfectly positioned to deliver talented human capital not currently seeking new opportunities, but rather highly competent candidates with exceptional skill sets, too busy succeeding in their current positions to be looking for alternate employment. These business professionals can step into a position and begin contributing from day one.

An enormous amount of time and resources is spent fact finding before we begin an executive search assignment. We question thoroughly to understand the precise requirements, responsibilities and team dynamics the position entails. Our intricate network of actuarial professionals gives us a clear competitive edge in identifying suitable candidates with matching personalities and skill sets, enabling our clients to enjoy an expedited selection process and a lower cost per hire. Whether qualified or part qualified, if you are looking to employ a Life Actuary, Healthcare Actuary, Pensions Actuary, Investments Actuary, Banking Actuary or Short Term Insurance Actuary; iActuary will assist you in finding the right individual.

Vision & Values

Through personal customer service, we dedicate ourselves to being a respected and reliable source of top calibre actuarial staff and opportunities that enable career and personal growth.


Code of Ethics

iActuary has a strong commitment to the way we handle and deal in our business relationships


Actuary Applicants will be contacted by an Actuary Agent