Actuaries - Code of Ethics

Effectiveness – Conduct our activities in a manner that reflects favourably on the actuarial profession

Reliability – Provide feedback and guidance that reflects integrity, honesty and trustworthiness; avoiding conduct that is deceptive or misleading

Aptitude – Utilising industry insight and knowledge, competently performing all search assignments thoroughly and with a sense of urgency

Fairness – Understanding the intricate team competencies and approaching potential candidates with tact and impartial judgement in all search assignments

Truthfulness – Transparent communication with clients and candidates, facilitating accurate business and personal exemplification

Conflict of Interest – Ironing out complications ensuring a successful and long standing employment relationship, avoiding time wasting and counter offers

Confidentiality – The key to the success of iActuary and its network within the actuarial profession

Dependability – Protect client interests and ensure discreteness when networking with suitable candidates

Public Interest - Focused on the integrity and reliability of the actuarial profession

Vision & Values

Through personal customer service, we dedicate ourselves to being a respected and reliable source of top calibre actuarial staff and opportunities that enable career and personal growth.


Code of Ethics

iActuary has a strong commitment to the way we handle and deal in our business relationships


Actuary Applicants will be contacted by an Actuary Agent